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Okay, it's now *checks clock* a quarter after 4 in the morning. I still have at least three pages to type. But know what? It's just not there. I can so not finish this. But I promised myself I wouldn't go to bed until it was finished. So know what? No bed for me. Heheee. So I'm like officially cracking right now, which I really should have expected, it happens every time I pull an all-nighter. Course, this is the first time and all-nighter has actually threatened to go on ALL NIGHT. heeeeeeee*gasp*. Sad part is I think I'm actually pretty awake right now. Yes, think. Cause if I'm not as awake as I think I am, then I'm too far gone to correctly judge my mental state anyway. That made sense, right? Oh well, if it didn't I'll just laugh about it later. Or right now, whatever...snork. Yeah. Probably the latter. I'm getting kinda twitchy, too, which is never a good sign. And there's a spot on the back of my neck that just won't STOP ITCHING! It won't. grrrr. stupid itchiness. Great, now I'm zoning out AND tweaking. I'm such a loser. But to think, if I just hadn't put off this stupid paper till the last minute, I'd never have gotten to experience this...whatever it is. I don't know why I'm not as tired as I should be... will update later if I'm still up, hee, maybe I'll update day when/if I get this paper done. Yay. And stuff. Damn you, Bush, for provoking al-Qaeda into attacking on 9/11 and giving me the idea to write this stupid paper. Curse you to the Lowest Depths of Hell(TM).
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