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Yet another object lesson in the odd that is my AIM convos (icon very related)

Krillia513 (10:56:25 AM): http://www.animate-shop.jp/ws/commodity_param/ctc/figure/shc/0/cmc/4085221
CorsecGreenXWing (10:57:41 AM): .....
CorsecGreenXWing (10:57:45 AM): that just looks creepy
Krillia513 (10:57:55 AM): it's Zero, what do you expect?
CorsecGreenXWing (10:58:13 AM): heh
CorsecGreenXWing (10:58:25 AM): took me a second to go 'what? it's not VK- ooooooooh'
Krillia513 (10:58:37 AM): also, the new set of mini-figures includes Cheese-kun.
CorsecGreenXWing (10:58:43 AM): CHEESE-KUN!
Krillia513 (10:58:51 AM): the entire Code Geass world goes to shit, and they release Cheese-kun.
CorsecGreenXWing (10:58:54 AM): *luffs her Cheese-kun*
CorsecGreenXWing (10:59:13 AM): well, everyone else is dead, yeah? who else are they going to release?
CorsecGreenXWing (10:59:34 AM): it's nice to know that even post-apocalyptic AU futures have Pizza Hut
Krillia513 (10:59:51 AM): *giggles*
Krillia513 (11:01:47 AM): Rocks fall. Everyone dies. The cheese octopus walks away unharmed.
CorsecGreenXWing (11:02:56 AM): as it should be ^_^
CorsecGreenXWing (11:03:13 AM): and Cheese-kun with his Cheese family repopulate the earth
Krillia513 (11:04:37 AM): and have wars bettween the gorgonzola tribe and the chedder tribe?
CorsecGreenXWing (11:05:30 AM): while mozarella lives king above all cheeses, yes
Krillia513 (11:06:20 AM): what sort of geass do cheeses have?
Krillia513 (11:06:33 AM): or do those damn things die with the humans?
CorsecGreenXWing (11:06:53 AM): hmmm
CorsecGreenXWing (11:07:14 AM): since it wouldn't be a very good (or very difficult) geass to convince others that you taste delicious, I imagine cheeses are geass-free
Krillia513 (11:07:34 AM): good for them.
Krillia513 (11:08:01 AM): nasty business, these geass things. Get the cute ones killed. And the non-cute ones, and everyone else in between, from what I can tell.
CorsecGreenXWing (11:08:18 AM): so it seems, from what I've heard of Ani's rantings
Krillia513 (11:08:29 AM): and the ones that are still alive all need to be whapped with a 2x4 a few times.
Krillia513 (11:08:46 AM): although I think they're all sorta in that "past the point of no return" area by now.
CorsecGreenXWing (11:08:46 AM): that's usually the case with most apocalyptic survivors, I think
CorsecGreenXWing (11:08:52 AM): except John Connor. he's just adorable
Krillia513 (11:09:25 AM): heh
CorsecGreenXWing (11:09:44 AM): even if I don't quite trust Christian Bale in the role
CorsecGreenXWing (11:10:01 AM): he's not adorable. John Connor should be adorable, so his kicking ass and taking names is that much more awesome
Krillia513 (11:10:23 AM): ....
Krillia513 (11:10:37 AM): Christian Bale can be adorable. You HAVE seen Newsies, right?
CorsecGreenXWing (11:10:46 AM): yessss, but was Newsies an action movie?
CorsecGreenXWing (11:10:53 AM): think of Reign of Fire
Krillia513 (11:11:16 AM): I'm pretty sure if Christian Bale is told to be adorable he will be adorable.
CorsecGreenXWing (11:11:28 AM): well, he is good
Krillia513 (11:11:32 AM): there are very few actors who I have utter faith in their versitality. He is one of them.
CorsecGreenXWing (11:11:39 AM): heh
CorsecGreenXWing (11:11:46 AM): yeah. he's kinda awesome
Krillia513 (11:11:47 AM): *cannot spell. It is 1am. Bite her*
CorsecGreenXWing (11:12:03 AM): ....no thanks. I don't want to encourage gnawing
Krillia513 (11:12:08 AM): ;p
Krillia513 (11:12:37 AM): but, yes. Christian Bale is awesome. If he is told to play adorable, I'm sure he will be adorable.
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