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My new favorite word. yay. Schadenfreude, making the world a better place. C'mon, everyone, sing along! hee. I love that word, it's so great. German has a lot of really cool words. Like treppenwitz, the words that come to mind after it's too late to say them, as in when, five minutes later you finally think of a better comeback than 'oh yeah?!' It's great. But, yeah, love schadenfreude.

Anywho, first class was cancelled today. Didn't know that till I walked all the way there. Course, once I got there and found out it WAS cancelled, I also found out that I'd forgotten my paper for my second class, so I had to walk all the way back to my dorm again. So I decided I'd waste some time here before trudging out again. Oh joy. It wouldn't even be so bad except that it's snowing. Not heavily or anything, just enough to be annoying whenever one lands on my nose. grrr.

Oh, and I'm still lazy, so any encouragement you people could send that would get me to work on my paper (which I hope to finish... sometime before it's due) would be much appreciated. You would get sprinkles, even. That's how much I would appreciate it. So... where's the love?
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