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Wow, this rant ended up way longer than I'd planned

Okay, so there's a bible-thumper in front of the Union today. He's a new guy, hasn't been here before. Personally, I've grown rather attached to the blonde guy who's here every couple months, but whatever, that's not the story. Usually, these righteous arse-holes pump themselves up and bash on the college scene- how we're all drunkards, all do drugs, have promiscuous sex, and generally get ourselves one way tickets to eternal damnation. Now, coming from someone who does none of the above (we'll put a hold on the ticket thing, since that's yet tba) I'm like whatever whenever one of these guys is preaching to the populace. Most people adopt that stance, because, frankly, what are these guys really accomplishing? Making us all fear God? Yeah, that's gonna make me embrace a religion, knowing that the deity in question is just waiting for the reason/opportunity to smite me to the Lowest Depths of Hell(TM). That's really gonna win me over. It really makes me mad that these stupid idiotic...grrr...PEOPLE sit on their high horses, looking down at the rest of us, passing judgment on whatever they believe is wrong with us, and USING GOD AS AN EXCUSE! Because that's all He is to these people. Cause they sure as heck ain't preaching the word of God, at least not the protective, loving, FORGIVING God I follow. But maybe I'm the one who's wrong and they're all right and God's vengeful and fearsome and we're all going to be smited to Hell. Maybe. Just like maybe God's really a golf club. There are always possibilities, doesn't make me have to believe them. But these overstuffed overtly-religious loudmouthed... grrrrr... PEOPLE who don't know squat in my book are turning people away from the love of God by putting a barier between them, telling them they're not good enough to have God love them, that they're all going to Hell. That's when I get cheesed off. Who are they to tell ANYONE about God? Hmm? They quote the Bible like they're the only ones who can read it. Like we don't have senses and brains that can tell us right from wrong. Let's face facts...who are you more likely to listen to...someone who sits down and calmly explains the situation to you and lets you make up your own mind (in the process showing that they believe you have one) or someone who yells THE FACTS (or their version of them) into your face with an ultimatum that THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. Well? That's why I don't believe they are actually accomplishing anything. At all. Zip. Zero. Zilch. But the guy today...grrrr...he's just sitting there preaching- well, standing, they always stand...happily, today it's raining :) -and I stopped to listen. Don't ask me why, I knew it would make me mad, but... I guess I was just being a glutton for punishment today. Go figure. Anyway, I stop to listen and this...grrrr...PERSON has the gall to single one man out of the crowd(admittedly, the boys were heckling him, but with what he was preaching, let's just say the guys was a *literal* Bible-thumper. I always wondered where they got that name) and asks him if he's wearing lipstick. LIPSTICK. Okay, whether this guy was gay or not, frankly I don't care. But the fact that this preacher, no that's too good a word for him, this... grrr... PERSON could just come right out and be so derisive and insulting (and trust me, with the way he said it, it was definitely and insult) and expect anyone to want to go to God if that's how they're gonna turn out?! Of all the blatant stupidity... So then, the guy's friends all start getting ready to like beat up the Bible-thumper, and the guy's like "wtf?! NO!" and the Bible-thumper says "Because you look awfully effeminate to me, son, and the effeminate go to Hell." I'm life OMGWTF!!!???!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! Guys who are EFFEMINATE go to Hell too now? I mean, I'm used to the grrr.... PEOPLE preaching that gays go to Hell, as much as I disagree with it, but he says, and I quote "The Bible says that you don't have to be a Sodomite, you don't have to be gay, if you're effeminate you will go to Hell with the alcoholics and..." That's when I got mad and walked away, so I missed the last of that list, sadly. I'm sure I would have made it on there somewhere. Maybe when they get to 'and even if you aren't gay but think being gay isn't inherently evil and wrong, you're going to Hell.' I'm sure that counts in their books. Arrrgh. I just hate these people for twisting God's words to whatever they f-ing want them to mean. It's so stupid. And it's wrong, because God embraces all his children, not just the ones who've lived perfect, spotless lives... which would be, hmm, let's see... NO ONE?! Yeah, exactly. So all you stupid Bible-thumpers... SHUT THE F UP! Maybe I believe the wrong thing, but I'd rather live my life believing at the end of it there will be a God who loves me waiting to take me into his eternal love instead of a God who I have to fear. There, that's my piece, end of rant. yay.

Happier news, I wrote another half-page on my paper yesterday... so yeah, getting almost nothing done. Well, one more week, sorta. Almost done. With everything. Most of the insanity will end by next Tuesday. After that, History final a week from Friday. Moving out all next week, in small increments that I can haul to and from my car by myself. Remind me again why I like living on the third floor?
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