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So, today was the last day of one of our assistant managers. He's going out to be a co-manager of some store in St. Joseph, Missouri. I was back making in grocery receiving a cardboard bale (basically, smushing up a whole bunch of cardboard to be recycled) when the buzzer to the loading dock door starts going. I look at the little closed-circuit tv, and it's a couple of the other assistant managers. Then a third shows up to unlock the door, and the first thing he does is ask "Did you page Lance over to hardware?"

Lance is the leaving assistant. Hardware is on the opposite side of the store.

Aha, on goes the little lightbulb in my brain. Sure enough, the three assistants start grabbing the bagged plastic and hangers and all kinds of stuff out of receiving and shoving it into Lance's car. I wasn't watching too closely, but it was kind of hilarious, especially since one of the ones involved used to be my assistant manager, and he's about as by-the-book as they come.

I'm gonna miss these folks, I think.
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