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stage combat!

I discover I haven't talked about stage combat in quite some time. That's the one reason I'm really glad that I stuck around as a theatre major this long, cause swinging swords at people is really cool, even if we can't hit them. hee. Nah, I wouldn't DREAM of actually whacking someone with a sword...NEVER. hee. Really shouldn't laugh like that when I'm serious about stuff. hee.

Got the papers signed today. I suppose I'm happy. Happier than I probably should be, I suppose. It's just such an uplifting feeling, a huge weight off my chest so to speak. I'm now officially in limbo for the next five to seven days, then Classics, here I come. I figure to still graduate in four years, but we'll see. I don't know how availability is with those classes. Hmm. Don't know why I'm so scared of people finding out, it's really my decision. I just don't want them to think badly of me, I guess.

Horror of horrors, I have to get up early tomorrow. Yes, I know, me getting up early, shock. But even worse, I have to drive early tomorrow. Got to go pick up some pictures before class. Wouldn't be so bad except also have first view for directing scenes tomorrow, which means I have to be there and back by 9:15. So, the picture place opens at 8:00, I figure I'll get up two hours early and plan on getting back a little before 9 so I can stop at the room and get my stuff together for class. Busy day, tomorrow.

ALSO, tomorrow is Mommy's Birthday! Yay for Mommy! Everyone wish my mom a happy birthday if you see her, cause she doesn't read this. Luckily, I'll be seeing her, so I probably won't forget. :) nah, I don't forget my mom's birthday anymore, not for the last couple years anyway.

I really have to work on my history paper. I got those first five pages done and I just stalled. Okay, I got lazy, fine. But I'd better do that, I suppose. There's just so much other, better stuff to be doing. Oh well.
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