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Went to see Indiana Jones and the.... whatever the rest of the title is. It's a long title. It always reminds me of the Crystal Skull episode of StarGate. But that's not the point. The POINT is that I totally get the mixed reviews now.

Because, while it's not a bad movie, and I did enjoy it, it was a HORRIBLE Indiana Jones movie. It was some sort of silly, self-referential comedy that spent more time mocking itself and the rest of the franchise than being original. I don't think anything happened in the entire movie that didn't make me go 'oh, they're making fun of x.' Which, you know, can work. The slew of teen movies with that exact premise lately prove that. It just... wasn't Indiana Jones.

I mean, hi, nuclear bomb goes off and he survives by getting tossed hundreds of feet IN A REFRIGERATOR?! Indy's suddenly a war hero and Secret Service or something? WTF, ANTS?!?!?! *takes a deep breath* So. Yes. Good movie, for what it was, but it was BAD if you went in expecting Indiana Jones in the tradition of the originals.

...Kinda like Star Wars. Thanks, George.

In other news, I randomly started reading +Anima today. It's kinda cute. Husky amuses me. I wanna be a +Anima.

ETA: OMG, Senri is adorable. I want to hug him.
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