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The good, the bad, and the indifferent

Man it's been a long time since I updated this sucker. But I absolve myself of guilt by saying I've been really busy. I mean REALLY busy. Had the first five pages of a fifteen page paper due yesterday. That was evil. Course, if I had started writing the stupid thing as soon as we got the assignment, I'd be done by now, but whatever. Guilt absolved.

Speaking of absolving, the Pope's dead. How weird is that? I mean, I'm not Catholic, I usually make fun of Catholics, but still...Pope's dead. I mean, when even I notice, it's pretty big news. Although...I did watch the royal wedding last weekend, so maybe my standards aren't as picky as I thought. Maybe. I decided that I want a Prince. Doesn't necessarily have to be British royal, but the language would be nice. Doesn't even have to be inheriting. There are so many branches to the royal family, I'd just like one prince, is that so much to ask? Note, if any princes are reading this now, I'm single. But really, I want to be a royal. I suppose I could settle for a peerage, you know a Duke ...an Earl or Baron if I absolutely had to, but Duchess sounds so much nicer than Lady or Baroness. I mean, I could just get knighted if I want to be Lady, don't have to marry anyone for that, and Baroness sounds evil or something. Duchess is good though. But I really want to be a princess.

That was a digression though. I didn't really mean to talk about my evil plans to corrupt the world's elite with my Star Wars addiction... er, I mean, yeah. Anyway, I do want to say that I'm watching the Dune miniseries right now and, while it's not the book, it's pretty good. It's kinda sad, though, that I know who all's gonna die. sigh. Duncan's accent is the greatest ever.

Going to be another busy, busy week. Mommy's birthday is on Friday (Happy birthday Mommy, even though you don't read this) and the Sis's b-day is a week from Saturday. I'm really busy that day, but I hope to get a chance to see her, at least on Sunday. I'll see her no matter what, and anyway, she already has my present. It's a very cute ceramic kitty. I love shopping with relatives. It's like "I kinda like that" "want it for your birthday/christmas/near holiday?" Yep, that simple. Occasionally have to make up reasons to give gifts, but overall generally works pretty well.

Okay, been putting it off cause I don't want to think about it but...well, I guess not like any of you would really care, but this is my journal and I like being able to write out my thoughts and stuff. Okay...official announcement time...I'm not a theatre major anymore. Shock, huh? Well, technically, I still have to get the papers signed and stuff, but in spirit, I've changed my affiliation. It's really hard. I love acting, but I just couldn't stand the stress and depression anymore. sigh. It's just that I was getting so depressed just from going to class that it wasn't worth it anymore. I noticed that the more depressed I got, the less I wrote, and I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of my writing, so... Yeah, not really a choice. I just wasn't cut out to be an actor I suppose. Now I'm just wondering if I actually have to tell my teachers or if they'll figure it out when I don't show up for the reauditions at the end of the year. I don't know if I really want to find out, but...not like I'll ever really have them again. Except, I will have Virginia for directing, but...sigh. Yes, there has been much angsting. More angsting than at a Harry Potter fangirl convention. sigh.

Roomie is gone now, although she pops in here and there to pick up stuff or to study. She actually left her computer here, although I haven't the foggiest why. Doesn't she ever plan on studying at her apartment? Then again, knowing her habits, probably not. I don't know when she actually DOES study, but I never see it. It's nice being able to stay up and wake up without having to worry about bugging her. Does create a bit of a vacuum in the rantage about the lj though, doesn't it? I suppose this would be the indifferent then.

Well, I suppose I should get back to not doing much of anything useful. Especially considering I'm now not nauseous for the first time today. Maybe I'll eat. That sounds good. Well, until later then, folks. Seize the Carp.
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