Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

So, I started by comparing Saiyuki to the Wizard of Oz in this thread over here, and it was a good joke. Also, knowing Minekura-sensei, not entirely impossible. I can totally see her letting the rest of the ikkou make their reappearance that way. Not necessarily smushing Ukoku, no, but definitely driving off a cliff and SURPRISE! There's a Sanzo! :D Or something.

But now... now the Saiyuki/Wizard of Oz thing is IN MY HEAD! It won't leave! I mean, Hakkai is totally searching for a heart, and if Gojyo only had a brain, he'd be set... Unfortunately, since Sanzo is, naturally, Dorothy ('oh, Auntie Koumyou! I had the most awful dream! And you were in it, and you.. and you...'), that leaves Goku as the Cowardly Lion. Which doesn't really work, but meh. No crossing like this comes out exact, so I shall call it good.

...Of course, you realize this means the Kou-tachi are flying monkeys. Just sayin'.
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