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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 10:59 am Happy Fool's Day?
Current Mood: distresseddreading going outside
I hate April Fool's Day. I despise it. If it was a person, I would rip it's heart out with a spork. (Side note- sporks are always good implements of torture/death. Keep that in mind) I don't even know why I hate it that much. It's not like anyone has ever pulled a really huge prank on me- and don't any of you get any ideas, either. I just hate the whole thought that, MAYBE, someday I may be pranked. I especially hate when Fool's Day falls on a school day cause then you have to expose yourself to possible pranks, you can't just stay locked up in your room and sulk the day away. I really hate April Fool's Day. I don't even get why we need such an asinine holiday. It's not fair. It's the only holiday where participation is basically forced upon you. I mean, sure, the consumerism of the Christmas season is overwhealming, but you still have the option of not buying a tree, or presents, of turning off the TV, whatever. No, Fool's Day comes to get you whether you want it or not. People don't ask in advance if you want to be pranked. NOOOOOOOOO! Cause that would defy the whole sentiment the stupid, freaking holiday! And it's not even a holiday, it's just a stupid quasi-day that someone wanted to capitalize on. Bleh. I can do without it, thank you oh-so-very much. Stupid April Fool's Day. *grumble*
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