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Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 09:28 am beautiful dreamer...
Okay, just had like the coolest dream ever, right? I'm moving back in to the dorms next year, this is the dream, and we get up to my floor with like the boxes and stuff, and THERE'S ONLY ONE NAME ON THE DOOR! And I'm like Squeeeeeee! cause that would be fricking awesome, that I got a single. I mean, I'm on a waiting list, but... Anyway, I get in, then realize I've left my room key locked in my car, THEN I realize that I couldn't have left my key in the car cause I don't have the key yet. Weird, I know, but bear with me. Anyway, so I go in to check the room out, and MAN have they done some remodeling over the summer. Hehe. First, the room is now like twice as wide, with a big picture window at the end. Somehow, all my stuff is already in there and set up except for the box I was carrying, but whatever. And there's a stair case over at the side of the room. So I'm like "ooh, a staircase" so I go down it. There's another room in my dorm room! I'm like guh? And this one has TWO picture windows and, yep, another staircase. So I go down THAT staircase... and I wake up. Stupid alarm. Anyway, I'm going to treat this like a prophetic dream of the future and hope Neihardt does some remodeling over the summer. :) Hehe.
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