Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Home sick. Possible fever, occasional nausea, and a cough that is attempting to turn phlegmy. And I hurt, oooooooh, how I hurt. Shall I enumerate the places in which I hurt?

From the top down- my brain (...well, okay, it's a horrid headache, but it feels like my brain is trying to dig an escape tunnel), my eyes, my neck, my shoulders, between my shoulders, my elbows, my wrists, selected fingers, my mid-back, my lower back, the backs of my hips that are in the lower-back area but are not the lower back, my hips proper, my tail bone area, my thighs, my knees, and just now my left shin. My feet, thankfully, do not hurt.

Now, also thankfully, these don't all hurt at once. Oh no, different positions make different things hurt. Sitting, as I am now, makes my head and eyes hurt. Standing/moving/anything I would need to do for my job sparked the rest of it. Oh, except my hips and lower back. Those do hurt all the time. I'm almost afraid to lie down and find out what starts hurting then. -_-;

Had I a desk job, I probably would've just suffered through the last two hours. Especially since I'm going for a manager's position and too many absences get you written up which means I wouldn't be able to try for any higher pay grade (like a department manager) for six months. I'd made it through five or so before that, so it should've been easy, right? Hahahaha. Well, yeah, maybe, if lifting, bending, walking, and breathing weren't all kind of necessary to what I do.

Ugh, I hate being sick.
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