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bad omens?

Heeeehehe. For some odd reason, my cousin's wedding just popped into my head. This was years ago (I can't actually remember how many) and in fact they aren't even together anymore, so... I have no idea why it came to me. Could be the inordinate amount of smoochage over yonder, or the sheer boredom that comes from studying the stock market crash of 1929, or a combination of the two. Hee, I just keep getting this image of the altar catching on fire. Snork. See, what happened was that it was a really windy day, and we were outside. Kinda bad planning, considering the storm clouds were rolling in and there was really no cover unless we all went into the reception place, which didn't have enough chairs. Anyway, windy day + VERY tall candles + a paper backdrop = FIRE! It only flared up for a second, although it threatened to take out all the fake greenery with it, but it was just REALLY COOL! At least to those of us who weren't in the wedding party. See, I happen to find conventional weddings rather boring, but, man, whenever you get a big ol' bonfire going, I'm there. :) Anyway, you can just about see on everybody's faces the thought "whoops, that's gotta mean something" as the priest tries to put out the flames. Only slightly better than his comment about "the fire of the diamond on her wedding ring reflecting the fire of love in his eyes." I mean, really. I love my cousin, but he has never, EVER had fire in his eyes about anything, much less love. So, yeah, much stifled giggling.

If this is being read by the mother of the cousin in question...um...I love you? I don't mean any offense, really, but COME ON, it was funny. And it's not like they're still together or anything. At least this way, I know if the altar catches on fire at my wedding, I can just call it quits right there, cause MAN that's divine intervention.
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