Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Ten Things I Like That Start With The Letter 'C'

In no particular order (read: as I think of stuff I type it):

1. Comedians (what? I'm watching Comedy Central)
2. Cho Hakkai (... >.>;)
3. C is for Cookie! (but not vegetables or anything 'healthy' like that)
4. Carmina Burana
5. Cats
6. Cthulhu (...<.<;)
7. Chocobos
9. Cheeeeeeeeese mmmmmm
10. Cattleprods (they're all BZAP!!!! ....okay, so I'm stretching, but I couldn't think of one and my Reno figurine is RIGHT THERE..... and, y'know, BZAP is a freaking awesome sound)

My letter came from jaysummers. Yay for letters. Pay Comment and play!
Tags: memes

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