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Over the river and through the woods...

He is Risen.

At my Grandma's house for Easter. Food...mmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *drools* Oops, sorry, didn't mean to drool all over their keyboard. *wipes up slobber* But really, it's my Nan's fault for making such scrumlicious food. I'll be full for a week. Especially since she's sending me home with pancakes and cookies. Errr, the EASTER BUNNY is, rather. (My nephew reads this) Yeah, the Easter Bunny sent me that stuff. Thanks, Easter Bunny. Say hi to Santa when you see him.

My mom is really ticklish. I don't remember her being ticklish when I was a kid, I definitely would have taken advantage of that if she had been. Maybe she was just better at hiding it then. Although...that seems unlikely.

Went out and hunted/hid Easter Eggs from my nephew. He's not as in to it as I was when I was his age. Of course, I had two mortal rivals to contend with in the form of my cousins, so I had a bit more motivation. I loved hunting eggs. I don't think I actually stopped hunting them until shortly after the nephew was born. They made me stop cause they said a two year old couldn't compete with a fourteen year old to find eggs. I disagreed but was overruled.

My sister's freaking out cause the Spurs are losing. I say, basketball is, *gasp* a GAME and she shouldn't be giving herself an ulcer cause they're losing one game. Yeesh. I mean, maybe, if like, one of the players from the losing team was drug into the street and shot after the game, then, MAYBE you would want to cheer for your favorite team like it was life or death, cause it would be. But it's not. So... is the screaming at the TV really necessary? Or even productive?
(She also made fun of me for basically typing in real time, so I am, so there. Ha.)

My mom's reading over my shoulder, so I suppose I can't start swearing or anything. You can't do that in front of your mom, at least not on Easter. Not when she keeps going around going "He is Risen" and stuff. I mean, yay Jesus, but really, lay off, it was 2000 years ago. Give or take. But still, yay Jesus.

My family is really sad. Easter Sunday and what are we doing? Sitting around a TV, watching the Spurs vs. Rockets game. Family togetherness, huh? (My sister isn't really even IN the room with us anymore, she's having fits at the TV, might as well be there as here.) Of course, I'm one to talk. I'm updating my lj from my grandparents' comp just because I got really bored with watching the Spurs game. So yeah, I guess you could call this escapism in modern culture. Reach out and touch somebody, just not if you're in the same room as them.

Wow, that got longer than I planned. Family intrigue :)

To be serious for a moment, I'm feeling kinda bad cause I'm caught for pretty much the first time between work and family. If I go to the audition next Saturday, which would take time away from my nephew's fun time staying with me, then I, hopefully, would have a chance at getting a callback (which is a small chance, but a chance) which would mean probably missing my nephew's first communion. Now, I'm not Catholic. I tend to make fun of Catholics more often than not, for that matter. But my nephew is being raised at least half-Catholic (Catholic dad, Lutheran mom) and this means a lot to him. Even if I don't necessarily agree with the idea, I support him completely, so how could I truly justify missing his FC? It's not like I could even really work around it, callbacks are from 1-5 and his FC is at 2, so it's pretty much in the kill zone. But if I don't get a callback, what was the point of going to the audition and wasting his time on Saturday? I knew what it was like to be ignored when I was little. It was always completely unintentional and just grew out of working out of the home, but it still hurt and I don't want to do that to him. And, in the end, I guess family comes before anything else. At least to me.

Okay, so hit family and business. Social life? Yeah, don't have one of those. School is...school. I can't believe we don't get any time off for Easter. It's not fair. We'd even take Spring Break a couple weeks later to get time to go see our families over Easter instead of before. I'm just lucky everyone lives pretty close. Makes things easier for me. :) Well, everyone have an oh-so-happy and fun Easter. Eat lots, play lots, don't do anything halfway. Carpe Diem and all that.

He is Risen indeed.
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