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Booooooooooredboredboredbored. So bored. Boooooooooooooooooored. :(

I wanna rp, but no one's online, I have no threads to respond to, and I don't really wanna bother with Sages. I've kind of lost interest in that sort of one-off rp lately. I want something with a chance at real interaction, not just 'hey, I have a question, want to throw half a dozen inane comments back and forth?' Any of you other rpers have any suggestions?

This sucks.

Soooooo, in the spirit of my boredom, here's a post of many and sundry random links.

1. This is actually a series of links. All you people who think Nebraska is boring? Well, I bet none of your state legislators have ever sued God. Ernie Chambers. Gotta love him. God naturally denied the allegations. Twice, actually. Although the second time was through legal counsel. And then Ernie started listing aliases. Ironically, there was an English prof at UNL who was known to refer to Tom as the AntiChrist. Finally, as should probably be expected, the real crazies got involved. Ah, the Westboro Baptists. What will we ever do if/when that family is finally wiped out by inbreeding, not unlike the Russian Czars?

2. On the lighter side, Miyavi is a dork. An adorable, dancing dork, but still a dork. Also? I so want those dresses.

3. For those who have been living in a cave or under a rock for the last few months, Still Alive, the ending theme for Portal, is one of the most addictive, mind-numbing, wonderful songs ever written. And catchy. God, so catchy. I found a techno remix. Ani doesn't like it, but I say screw her. It's fun and possibly even catchier than the original. Luckily, it lacks words, so we're relatively safe.

...And just writing this up has now gotten the song back in my head. -_- Damn.

(Of course, some would argue the 8-bit version is better, just on principle. I say it's worth it just for the repeating graphic. And if anyone could make me an icon of that, including the little infinity sign, I would love you forever.)

4. Finally, this was on TV the other day. Sports Science is the name of the show. It was a show on 'cheap hits,' and BOY was this one cheap. Honestly, where'd they ever find a volunteer for that?

ETA: Oh, and 5. Even though only one other person will know this at all (and I'm sure she saw it long before I ever even finished the books- which, by the way, you all should read. Nightlife and Moonshine by Rob Thurman. GOOD books.) Chicken of the Apocalypse. XD Hey, FotA, can we adopt him?

ETA2: OMG SO MANY KITTIES! 4:08 is especially amusing. XD
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