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Whoa, how'd it get to be 2008 so fast? Also, how did I not post for almost a month? I suck. Happy New Year, everybody. Hope yours is less boring than mine. (But we have a Krill. That's good.)

So, what better way to start off an election year than a political meme? blame David

81% Barack Obama
79% Hillary Clinton
78% John Edwards
78% Chris Dodd
78% Bill Richardson
75% Dennis Kucinich
72% Mike Gravel
71% Joe Biden
51% Rudy Giuliani
44% John McCain
36% Mitt Romney
35% Mike Huckabee
26% Tom Tancredo
26% Fred Thompson
24% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

That's pretty accurate, really. Surprising for a meme.
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