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My first ever sick day. I'm so un-proud. See, I knew my period was coming, it was due days ago. I hate when they're late. But, like an idiot, I went ahead and did all the things I should avoid in the couple of days leading up to my period (drinking lots of water, especially) and so now I feel like crap. I went to work feeling kinda fuzzy, like my brain wasn't exactly working, but it was 7:30 in the morning at the time, so that wasn't exactly unexpected. By 10, I was starting to feel icky, but it wasn't anything I hadn't dealt with at work before. By 11, I was nauseous but still willing to tough it out. And by noon, I was feeling so sick I was sure I would throw up if I didn't sit very still for a very long time. So I went home early, which totally sucks, but sucks less than if I was, say, closing tonight. I stayed long enough to get all the essentials done, all that was really left was keeping an eye on things and zoning, so... Well, I guess I didn't choose a horrible day, but godDAMN, I hate not working a full day. Rawr.

So, yes. Home early. Feel like crap. Someone entertain me? Leave me a funny anecdote or your favorite line from a movie or whatever you feel like. Pwease? @_@

...Or you could discuss the spam mail I just got, claiming to be "America's Favorite Colon Cleanse!" I mean... America's FAVORITE? o.O
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