Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Jumping on the bandwagon really really late

Give me a song lyric (one or two lines please, that's a lot more evocative than an entire song) and I will write you a drabble for a character YOU PLAY and I PLAY that goes with it. Even if they've never met!

Hokay, so, yeah, finally doing that meme. And if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would I do it, too?

Also, I need twelve fandoms that I might know well enough to write, BUT I don't want to pick them myself, because if I pick them myself I'll end up sticking with the safe ones that I know I can write. So. You people. You know some of what I like, right? So give me twelve different fandoms. C'mon, people, I promise to make it worth it.

Probably. *whistles innocently* And yes, you CAN pick the old, safe ones *cough*Saiyuki*cough* but I want some different ones, too.

*makes puppy eyes at her flist and waits*
Tags: memes

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