Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Today, an actual comedian made me giggle. I like to keep my daily giggles varied and diverse, you see.

In other news, I had today off. It started off well with some lame show on Discovery that had all the camp of a B movie with none of the length or surprise plot twists. I like this kind of show near Halloween. Tis why Halloween is my favorite holiday, I get to watch so much campy television with people screaming and running and bleeding and all kinds of fun things. This one, I couldn't tell until about half an hour in whether it was supposed to be a heartwarming docudrama about a family overcoming adversity (you know the kind. Lifetime Original type stuff) or a Halloween show. About the time the kitchen floor started bleeding, though, I figured it out. ^_^

But then! Then I didn't see another Halloween-esque show ALL NIGHT (unless you count Resident Evil, but it was Sci-Fi. They're always showing stuff like that) and it made me sad like a sad thing. *sadpanda, see?* I'm not supposed to be able to go two channels the week before Halloween without running into a ghost story or a slasher fic. What's the world coming to?

Oh, speaking of which, I've been storing up this rant, and I'd just like to say a big FUCK YOU to Clear Channel and all the other idiots messing with my radio dial lately. For those who don't know, Clear Channel currently owns a good portion of, if not all, the radio stations out this way, and the others are quickly falling to similar conglomerates. First, they took away my 104.1 The Point (Rock. our ONLY rock station that played current top 40 stuff with no pop). But I moved on. Then they turned 105.3 Link FM, the golden oldies station, into 'songs you grew up with.' Trust me, I appreciate 80s stuff much as the next 80s child, but come ON. That was the ONLY station that played anything older than the mid-70s. Now, as the final, dignity-leeching straw, they've taken away 106.3 The Blaze, my last bastion of hard rock in the sea of pop and country that is our radio dial. DIAF, Clear Channel, et al. DIAF. I don't care what your damn demographics say, stop taking away my music. Fuckers.
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