Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Wow, last night must have been designated weird dream night or something.

So, first, my mom and I decided to move to the Middle East on a whim, and once we got there, I had to buy all new clothes because all of my clothes were, like, obscene for a girl my age. Then, the Middle East turned into Japan, and my dad was there, too, and we had to have a whole series of weird dreams, just like everyone else in Japan has had the same weird dreams. Some sort of national unity thing. Anyway, so then there were weird dreams within a weird dream, and then there was a biiiiiiiiiiiig storm, and it flooded everything, and the water was coming up over the bed, but I still had more dreams to get through so I couldn't get up to get away from it, but that seemed perfectly reasonable.

Then my alarm went off.

So, yeah, weird dream, huh?
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