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Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 09:55 pm (no subject)
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Date:September 26th, 2007 04:59 am (UTC)
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This is from memory so don't quote me.

Xenosaga is full of Gnostic philosphy. chaos is the aeon part of Jesus. Basically, there is Jesus the man, who was a great prophet, and chaos who did the miracles in his stead. Same thing with KOS-MOS/Mary. Mary/KOS-MOS is the animus to chaos anima. Ironically, Anima is a female aspect.

The Mary Magdalene stuff was added by the American translators. Well, sort of. KOS-MOS is Mary Magadlene, but the original Japanese didn't club you over the head with it. It was mentioned in the Xenopedia as a sort of, maybe it is, maybe it isn't thing. You can decide.

chaos is pure awesome. I have a feeling he's the wave existence in Xenogears. Either way, he's too cool to not be around. He's also a bit overpowered in X1 and X3. MOMO is a mini-god in X2-X3. I had to quit using her in X2 because she made the game too easy.

Here is a nifty web-site that explains a lot of the Wilhelm, KOS-MOS, chaos stuff. http://www.xenotensei.com/translations/truth_of_xs.html

It's fan translated so it may take a bit to weed through (unless they've edited it since the last time I read it.)

It gives a lot of insight about Wilhem, especially. Wilhem is a highly misunderstood bad-guy, so I enjoyed it a lot.

I was shocked that Shion joined Kevin, but it was a OMG is she really that stupid? rather than, Oh no, how could she?

I loved Jin in that scene too. He was all, you side with the bad guys, you get treated like the bad guys.

As for jr, I think or I want to believe that Gaignun was hinting that Jr can grow up now. Either that or he was being a mean little brother and teasing him with his potentially sexy bod. XD

I think Jr will grow up now. Part of what kept his a child physically was pain and guilt. He and Albedo are two halves of a whole. When they were seperated at Militia, Albedo became stunted spiritially/emotionally and Rubedo was physcially. well, then there is the whole, going super nova thing. So, now that Albedo and Jr are one, I think Jr will be able to grow up.

But, that's all conjecture and me thinking too much.

I'm rather fond of Ziggy/Juli myself. But, then, I love the Ziggy-MOMO dynamic. Pity I never use poor Ziggy in combat. Allen/Shion, chaos/KOS-MOS, Ziggy/Juli, and jr/MOMO are my main ships. But I also like the Mary/Gaignun/Shelley Threesome. I so know it was a happy threesome.

Hehe. I did find it funny that at times, even KOS-MOS seemed put-on about Shion. It was like my MOM/Maiden/Sister/friend/Creator person is an idot.