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Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 09:55 pm (no subject)
I'm almost to the end of Xenosaga III, and I have only one thing to say-


*ahem* Seriously. Coolest NPC EVAR!

ETA: Finished, and ZOMGWTF ENDING?!?! I don't know whether to wibble or have warm fuzzies. Perhaps I shall do both.

Allen is still TEH COOL. Jr and Momo make me hurty. DAMMIT, HE LEFT HER HIS DOG! ;_; And OMG JIN! I almost hated his character through most of the last two games, but.... butbutbut.... *WIBBLE!*

Obviously, I am not so coherent about it right now. I might have to watch the last few movies again when I don't have to be up in a few hours. I really should have been in bed hours ago, but I was SO CLOSE! I'm not even sure how many people on my flist have played/would like to play Xenosaga III, but I highly recommend it, if you haven't. Perhaps I shall attempt more coherence tomorrow. Perhaps.

Also. Shion/KOS-MOS = canon. Y/N?
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Date:September 25th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
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I was heartbroken for days after I finished Xenosaga III.

I love Allen. Utterly adore him, and think he's probably too good for Shion. hah. No, not really. Okay, maybe a little. ^_^ At any rate, I'd so date him if he were a real guy.

Jr and MOMO are sweet. They make me aw. Oh, did you reload the game after you get the final save and read the xenopedia? It has a summary and a bit of "years from now" for several of the character's. MOMO's is specially nice.

As is Jin's.

Maybe it's because I kept hoping that he'd eventually be playable, but the death that made me the saddest was Gaignun.

I was a bit... I dunno miffed that Nephilim led the souls to The Land O' Origin rather than KOS-MOS/Mary. Nephy hangs round for three games being all ghostly and enigmatic and not much less, then then yoinks the thunder from KOS-MOS. I'm not sure why it bugged me, but it did.

And, yes Shion/KOS-MOS is so very canon.

Aha... I beat X3 a while back, but didn't have anyone of my Flist to squee about it with. XD
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Date:September 26th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
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...I need Xenosaga icons. NEED.

After the first two games, Jr was my solid favorite, followed closely by Chaos, with Allen somewhere in third, since you don't see too much of him. After this game? ...Well, okay, Jr and Chaos still r0xx0r my s0xx0rs, but Allen gained MAJOR coolness points. He really is too good for Shion. I probably spent a large portion of most every scene that had both of them trying not to scream in frustration. Well, except for the scene where she tells him to 'just shut up,' cause then I DID scream.

>.> Have I mentioned I really don't like Shion, and haven't since, like, ever?

Jr/MOMO is one of the cutest, sweetest canon couples I have ever seen. I finished the game waaaaaay after my bedtime last night, so I had to turn it right off, but I'm planning on rewatching the last few movies just so I don't miss anything. I'll have to make sure to check out the xenopedia, too. I just reaaaaaally wanted Jr and MOMO to have a happy ending, and while they probably CAN do that while separated... *wibbles* I don't want them to. ;_;

Gaignun's death almost made me cry, for two reasons. One, you see it coming from the end of the second game, and two? DUDE! Jr had to kill BOTH his brothers! That's just.. so much cosmic unfairness, there are no words for it. *flails!*

Anyway. Yes. I was trying to get through FFXII for... an obscene amount of time. I got the game for Christmas, got both of them for Christmas actually. Should've played X3 first. My roommate probably wondered what kind of fit I was having as I squeed/NOOOOOOOOOOOO'd over the ending. XD So I'll be more than happy to squee now, should you still wish to. ^_^
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Date:September 26th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
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Shion makes me want to slap her around sometimes. She had a horrible life, but, uh, so did ALL the main playable characters. Part of me does feel sorry for her...well, enough that I'd like to straighten her out rather than toss her out the airlock. XD

I knew Gaignun was going to die. I just hoped beyond hope that they'd find a way to save him. His death is especially sad because, despite his origins, he is an innocent person. The brothers loved each other so much, and ended up destroying each other. *sniff* I wanted him to be playable. He could, I dunno, summon Mary and Shelley to do stuff for him. haha

The scene where Jr grabs Gaignun/Albedo's hand to try to pull them away from the link, only to have Gaignun stop him, makes me tear up everytime.

Heh, for some reason, I just really adored Gaignun.

I really loved Jr at the end for that little knowing smirk he tosses Ziggy. C'mon, Zig, ask Juli out. You know you want to.

Aww, I so wanted to hug MOMO when she asked Shion if she could come too.

I've had FFXII like forever. I just can't get into the game. Which is sad since I've always adored the FF series.

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Date:September 26th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
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She's just always whining and whining and wanting people to tell her what to do. Why can't she just take responsibility for her own damn life once in a while? And while she's at it, she could try, y'know, not ignoring/putting down/deliberately hurting the people who actually DO care about her.


That whole scene with Jr being all "But you'll DIE!" and the other two being like "But it has to happen!" just makes me wibble and want to cry. I totally understand your Gaignun love. He's great. And the end of that scene, with Albedo and Jr talking.... *WIBBLE!*

FFXII was good. Not my favorite of the series (FF8 will always have that honor) but definitely up there. Mostly cause of Balthier. And both Cids. Specially the evil one. Evil is sexy.
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Date:September 26th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
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The part that made me want to strangle Shion is when she's ranting that only Kevin loves and understands her to the group of people who are trying to save her.

I admit, Kevin is rather pretty, but come on. He can't be that great.

I so do love the scene where Shion asks Febronia "what am I suppose to do now?" and Feb replies with something along the lines of "figure it out yourself."

Yes, Shion. Live your own life. Then Shion betrays everyone. Grr... I enjoyed smacking her around.

I love the end of the scene where Albedo says something like, "Nigredo, you've pissed me off to the very end." There is just something so affetionate about those lines. I wish Citrine was better developed, because actually Jr killed 3 of his siblings. More than that if you count the non-variant URTVs.

I have so many OTPs for X3 it's insane. Canon, vaguely canon, they pass each other in the hall. It's all good. I'll ship it. XD

Hm. I didn't know there was an evil Cid in FFXI. (I haven't gotten very far and haven't played for ages.) Evil is very sexy.
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Date:September 26th, 2007 03:56 am (UTC)
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(Excuse the rp journal. I'm too lazy to change accounts.)

I was just kinda shocked when she fought with Kevin. And then that scene with Allen and.... god, Allen, she doesn't deserve you. [/beating of dead horse]

And everyone keeps reminding Jr that he was made to be a weapon. Poor Jr. One must wonder, though, if or when he'll decide to 'grow up'.

Hee! So do I! Well, sort of. I can see looooooots of pairings, but I only really care about a few of them. Allen/Shion I've wanted to happen since X1, because OMG CUTE. Ditto Jr/MOMO. Shion/KOS-MOS is freaking canon.

>.> I wouldn't mind a URTV threesome, for that matter... *ahem*

Yes, there IS an evil Cid. And a good Cid. They have real names, but I find it more fun to refer to them as such. Anything more said about them would involve huge spoilers, so I shan't, unless you WANT to be spoiled. Because evil!Cid is quite evil. And crazy. And teh sexay.

Also? I totally considered titling this post "HOLY CHRISTIANITY, BATMAN!" I mean, there have been allusions to Christian things all along, but then KOS-MOS is suddenly Mary freaking Magdalene? o.O U-DO is God? O.o chaos is... well, okay, I STILL haven't quite figured out what chaos was, but he's cool.
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Date:September 26th, 2007 04:59 am (UTC)
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This is from memory so don't quote me.

Xenosaga is full of Gnostic philosphy. chaos is the aeon part of Jesus. Basically, there is Jesus the man, who was a great prophet, and chaos who did the miracles in his stead. Same thing with KOS-MOS/Mary. Mary/KOS-MOS is the animus to chaos anima. Ironically, Anima is a female aspect.

The Mary Magdalene stuff was added by the American translators. Well, sort of. KOS-MOS is Mary Magadlene, but the original Japanese didn't club you over the head with it. It was mentioned in the Xenopedia as a sort of, maybe it is, maybe it isn't thing. You can decide.

chaos is pure awesome. I have a feeling he's the wave existence in Xenogears. Either way, he's too cool to not be around. He's also a bit overpowered in X1 and X3. MOMO is a mini-god in X2-X3. I had to quit using her in X2 because she made the game too easy.

Here is a nifty web-site that explains a lot of the Wilhelm, KOS-MOS, chaos stuff. http://www.xenotensei.com/translations/truth_of_xs.html

It's fan translated so it may take a bit to weed through (unless they've edited it since the last time I read it.)

It gives a lot of insight about Wilhem, especially. Wilhem is a highly misunderstood bad-guy, so I enjoyed it a lot.

I was shocked that Shion joined Kevin, but it was a OMG is she really that stupid? rather than, Oh no, how could she?

I loved Jin in that scene too. He was all, you side with the bad guys, you get treated like the bad guys.

As for jr, I think or I want to believe that Gaignun was hinting that Jr can grow up now. Either that or he was being a mean little brother and teasing him with his potentially sexy bod. XD

I think Jr will grow up now. Part of what kept his a child physically was pain and guilt. He and Albedo are two halves of a whole. When they were seperated at Militia, Albedo became stunted spiritially/emotionally and Rubedo was physcially. well, then there is the whole, going super nova thing. So, now that Albedo and Jr are one, I think Jr will be able to grow up.

But, that's all conjecture and me thinking too much.

I'm rather fond of Ziggy/Juli myself. But, then, I love the Ziggy-MOMO dynamic. Pity I never use poor Ziggy in combat. Allen/Shion, chaos/KOS-MOS, Ziggy/Juli, and jr/MOMO are my main ships. But I also like the Mary/Gaignun/Shelley Threesome. I so know it was a happy threesome.

Hehe. I did find it funny that at times, even KOS-MOS seemed put-on about Shion. It was like my MOM/Maiden/Sister/friend/Creator person is an idot.