Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Things I Learned at Work Yesterday

No one can ever find the Velveeta. Seriously. I must've gotten asked like three times. For reference, it's aisle 5.

"No, I just like to wear the lab coat as a fashion statement" is NOT the correct answer when asked if I work in the meat department. ...Okay, so I didn't ACTUALLY say that, but I really wanted to. Honestly, lady, I'm in a white lab coat pulling a cart full of meat products next to the open meat freezers. WHERE DO YOU THINK I WORK?!

Anywho. I'm still sticking with my previous statement of kinda actually liking the job. I've met all my fellow meatsters now, and the only one I have a problem with is the one who disappeared on me yesterday. Maybe he went to lunch or something, but seriously, leaving the new girl alone for an hour? Is that a good idea? Eh, I managed to keep myself busy, so all was well, I guess. I'm slooooooowly learning enough to keep myself occupied without a specific task assigned to me. >.> Although, part of that might be that when I ask Scott (department manager) if there's anything he wants me to do, it usually involves cleaning something that I reaaaaaally don't wanna clean. Yesterday it was the drains. I can't describe them without going way TMI and requiring a 'do not read while eating' warning on this post, but yeah. The longer I can avoid learning what ELSE needs cleaning, the happier I'll be, thanks.

ETA: Oh, and my TV seems to have lost whatever makes it be the right color because no matter how I adjust it, it keeps sliding toward very green-tinted. *sigh* At least it waited until AFTER I had a job.
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