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I can has usefulness :D

In ur freezerz, makin ur meatz cheap.

So, yeah, second full day. If the 8-5 doesn't kill me, and I don't freeze to death, or get crushed by a box of falling bologna, I think I might actually like this job. All the people I work with (well, the ones I've met. There's still one more guy in the department who hasn't been on while I have yet, but he's apparently kind of a jerk. We'll see.) are really, really nice, and I like them, even if I wish the job didn't involve large amounts of time on my feet in a walk-in freezer. Ah well. No one has a perfect job, right?

And now, in the few minutes between getting home and running off to choir- a meme.
Go to http://www.careercruising.com/default.asp
Username: nycareers
Password: landmark
Do the career matchmaker, then post the results on LJ

1. Special Effects Technician
2. Director of Photography
3. Set Designer
4. Costume Designer
5. Director

6. Professor
7. Critic
8. Casting Director
9. Comedian
10. Political Aide
11. Musician
12. Writer
13. Market Research Analyst
14. Public Policy Analyst
15. Activist
16. Communications Specialist
17. Translator
18. Print Journalist
19. Composer
20. Lobbyist
21. Actor
22. Criminologist
23. Magician
24. Anthropologist
25. Economic Development Officer
26. Archivist
27. Historian
28. ESL Teacher
29. Foreign Language Instructor
30. Website Designer
31. Desktop Publisher
32. Multimedia Developer
33. Editor
34. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
35. Computer Trainer
36. Computer Programmer
37. Fashion Designer
38. Animator
39. Video Game Developer
40. Graphic Designer
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